Many lessons have been learned over the last couple of years through the pandemic and response. There are overlapping bureaucratic layers, locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally. Who do you listen to and trust for accurate information?

In an effort to streamline, and correct confusion, the Snohomish Health District Board of Health unanimously passed a resolution supporting integration of the Health District and Snohomish County. The next step will be consideration of a motion by the Snohomish County Council on June 8, 2022. If the motion passes, it would formally begin the process of integration.

What does this mean? Here are links to the full descriptions of these resolutions and how it will help provide a single source of important information to all residents, as opposed to trying to piece together conflicting guidance on public health issues from many sources. Dave Somers Memorandum. Resolutions.

Please take time to read them and provide your input.

Marcee Maylin has a degree in Editorial Journalism from the University of Washington and 30+ years media experience. She is currently the Editor of the Everett Post dedicated to providing current, relevant, and entertaining content for the local community.