While the source of the fire is still under investigation, investigators have concluded that 2 Bits And More of the downtown Arlington business district
is a complete loss, which includes a cave in at the back. As it goes with major structure fires, it may be a while before the Fire Marshall can enter
the building to determine the cause, as it may be unstable and at risk of sudden collapse.

The building itself is one of the oldest in Arlington and well known to tourists and locals, containing a wide range of items, from vintage Victorian lamps
and mid-century china hutches, all the way to tin salt-n-pepper shakers and VHS tapes. Local residents are well known to pass pocketfuls of change
or small bills that fold to their children to peruse the store for small and hidden treasures, while learning the value of a dollar and elementary
money management. The interior of the store was set up as an indoor antique mall, with many small booths of varying themes.

While 2 Bits And More has undergone several remodels over the years as it remained a staple to the area, the remodels themselves were a major hindrance
to fire fighters and also a contributor to the blaze. The prior remodels allowed for many voids within the building, which act as prime kindling-like
material, being dry and enclosed, allowing fire to spread. While surrounding buildings were saved, nearby residents of the downtown apartments
have been displaced.

No one was hurt, and the Fire Marshall will continue the investigation into the source of the blaze.

Photo courtesy of 2 Bits And More Facebook page.