Inside the hallway leading into the back bedroom of the apartment fire where three residents were rescued early Thursday morning.

EVERETT – Just after 12:30 a.m. this morning, the Everett Fire Department (EFD) responded to a report of an apartment fire in North Everett at the Riverdale Apartment complex at 1810 Chestnut St. According to a press release by the EFD, 911 reports indicated that fire alarms were sounding, smoke and flames were seen on the second floor, and that people were trapped.

Once the EFD arrived on the scene, they found a fire located on a second-story end unit with residents trapped in a back bedroom. “The crew from Engine 2 located the trapped occupants and deployed a ground ladder to rescue the residents,” said the release. Apparently, both occupants were treated for smoke inhalation and a third person was injured by broken glass. The three residents were transported to Providence Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. Thankfully, the family dog was also rescued.

The release indicated that firefighters were able to contain the fire to one unit, although smoke and water damaged two neighboring apartment units. With the residents being displaced, the American Red Cross responded to assist the residents.

The Everett Fire Marshal’s Office has taken the lead in the investigation. During the preliminary investigation, fire inspectors noted that the door to the back bedroom where the residents were trapped was closed.“The closed bedroom door provided protection for the residents by isolating the fire’s flow, reducing room temperatures, and keeping carbon monoxide levels down,” said Everett Fire Marshal, Kurtis Brown. “The action of keeping the door closed to the bedroom provided valuable time for the occupants to be safely rescued by the firefighters.”

The photo was taken inside the back bedroom of the apartment fire where three residents were rescued early Thursday morning.

The EPD is encouraging people to keep doors closed when they go to sleep and close doors during fires. Firefighters say that a closed-door during a fire has potential safety effects that include, saved lives, reduced smoke, temperature, fire damage, increased survivability, and increased escape times in the closed room. Finally, make sure your fire and smoke alarms are working properly and have a fire escape plan for you and your family.

Daniel Albert is an Award-Winning journalist majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications at Washington State University.