James Martin Camacho’s body was found in a cotton field in Juarez on Tuesday, February 20th. He has been missing since January 21st.

At the time he went missing, he was under the care of his grandmother, and reportedly wandered out of her home. Camacho, who has severe symptoms of
autism and was effectively non-verbal, went missing in the city of Juarez; Juarez is considered one of the deadliest and most dangerous cities
in the world, because of its organized crime and high murder rates.

An Amber alert was issued the following day, after his shoes were found by the Rio Grande. His father, Hugo Camacho-Padilla, had left him with the
grandmother, who called after about ten minutes of babysitting to tell him she could not find ‘Little James.’ After a search, the authorities were

Authorities are not reporting foul play, and believe he died from exposure and hypothermia, approximately 10 days before his body was recovered.

His mother, 38-yr-old Teirasa Mower, is among the homeless population of Marysville, and had sent Camacho South to Mexico to live with two siblings
and his father, who is a Mexican national. Mower explained to KING5 that she has been living in a tent on a vacant property, and although she didn’t
want to send her son to live with other family, she was unable to care for him herself.

A Good Samaritan from Federal Way saw her story and bought Teirasa a ticket across the border so she could aid in the search of her son. Teiresa and
Hugo have not yet been reached for comment at the time of this posting.

Originally posted by KING 5, 2/22. Image Courtesy of KING5, as provided by Hugo Camacho-Padilla.