One of the things I really like about living in North Everett is the fact that we’re within easy walking or bicycling distance of some very good places
to eat. One of our favorites is the simply named “A Pizza House”. Located in a small strip mall at the corner of Colby and Everett Avenues downtown,
A Pizza House has been making outstanding pizza for twelve years.

I recently sat down for lunch with owner Naresh Singh over a slice of pepperoni pizza. He and his wife decided back in 2004 that Everett would be good
town in which to open a restaurant. A decision that their many customers are no doubt happy about as well.

I asked Singh about his approach to constructing a quality pie and what he might do that’s different from other pizza makers in the market place. He
summed it up succinctly by saying, “I make sure that every pizza we make is made as though I’m making it for myself.” Culinary words to live by
if you ask me. Singh also added that he’s a big fan of the toppings, placing a premium on having every bite filled with flavor. And with 27 toppings
listed on the menu, that adds up to a lot of different taste experiences. The dough, which I’d describe as being in between a Chicago-style deep
dish and New York-style thin crust is made fresh daily.

Singh added that a good number of his customers come from downtown businesses at lunch time as they’ll take an order to go and enjoy it back at the
office. Or they may also have a seat at the small counter or one of a handful of tables. And then there is the close proximity to Everett High
School. When I was there I noticed several students stopping in to grab a generous slice of one-topping pizza for $2.75 as I had done.

So what is Singh’s personal favorite? He opts for the Classic Greek pizza, one of 22 specialty pizzas that A Pizza House makes. This pie includes seasoned
gyro meat, feta cheese, onions, olives and tomatoes. Mine? Being a lifelong fan of all things spicy, I’ll go with the Spicy Chicken with jalapenos,
onion, and even some pepperoncini for a warm finishing touch.

In addition to pizza styles typically found at eateries, Singh offers a unique array of four East Indian-influenced pizzas such as Chicken Tikka and
Paneer Tikka. I have yet to try either of those but look forward to putting it to the taste test next time.

Finally, for those who aren’t in the mood for the featured items, A Pizza House also includes calzones, pasta, Buffalo wings, gyros, toasted subs and
salads on the menu. But really, it’s all about the pizza.

Additional information, including hours and a full menu, can be found at their website, Feel free to Like or check out their
Facebook page as well.