On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, the Everett City Council declined to advance a proposal to accept over $6 million dollars in Federal COPS Grant Funds. This Grant was awarded to the City of Everett to add an additional 16-20 commissioned police officers. Mayor Cassie Franklin personally traveled to Washington D.C., advocated for, and received this much needed resource for the City of Everett. The proposal was submitted to the Everett City Council, by Council Member Scott Bader.  It did not receive a second motion to advance to a vote and as a result was tabled. This will be revisited this coming Wednesday, September 2, 2020, for a final chance of acceptance. If you wish to be heard in whether to accept this grant, please contact your council member now!

Mayor Franklin said, “I’m disappointed our City Council didn’t receive these federal funds.  I believe Everett has one of the most progressive, innovative police departments in the country.  And with public safety being a top priority for Everett residents, these funds would have supported hiring up to 16 new officers over the next few years.  The growth of our police force has not kept pace with the growth of our City’s population, and we have a real need for more resources to address safety and build relationships in our community.  The officers would have filled the kind of roles that community members are asking for – such as bicycle officers, motorcycle/traffic officers and community police.  That said, I remain committed to increases in public safety over time and will work collaboratively with our City Council to achieve that goal.”

Everett Chief of Police, Dan Templeton, has the following to offer, “I am disappointed in the City Council’s decision to not accept the more than $6 million dollars in federal grant money. These critical grant funds would be used to improve officer response times by adding resources to our patrol division, bolster safety on our city streets with additional investments in our Traffic Safety Unit and would have more than doubled the size of our bicycle unit, enhancing our community policing efforts.”

Everett City Council President Judy Tuohy has not responded to a request for comment.

Be heard, be involved, and contact your council member to voice your opinion.