The Anacortes Boat Show started out on a slightly wet note.

The rain drenched the boat vendors who stood beside their boats, yachts, sailboats, and trollers–but it didn’t keep the tourists away.

By 2 o’clock on opening day (April 6th) there had already been 100 people who signed in and walked the docks, spending a couple of hours beside the water,
admiring gorgeous boats that are all designed and constructed uniquely.

Anacortes, dubbed the Gateway to the San Juans, is truly the destination for setting sail. As a small island tucked against the sea, it’s the perfect place
for a boat show because Anacortes is a perfect place to spend the day. Within walking distance there are restaurants, quaint cafes, breweries, gift
shops, and hiking and walking trails beside the water.

Chris Burgess, an experienced broker with over thirty years experience, participates in the Anacortes Boat Show every year, among other shows, and he says
that there’s something special about this annual show in particular. 

“This is my thirteenth year at this show. There are fourteen brokerages in this little town and it’s all local. What I like about this show is there’s
plenty of inventory. It’s easy to get around here, and when you walk down this dock you see high end stuff like you see in Lake Union but then there’s
a whole lot of other inventory that’s obtainable for everyone. There are so many opportunities to go aboard and see what’s right for you.”

Warren Magnuson, a professional yacht broker with sixteen years experience in Anacortes, was all smiles at the boat show. After all, it’s a passion that
gets to come to life each year as he talks to those who admire, and shop, for boats. 

“I’ve been doing this forever,” he said. “And it always draws a crowd. You can get everything related to boating right here.”

Along with boat sales, boating equipment and even boating schools was available at the show, targeting everyone from experienced sailors to first-timers
who had never set sail before. If you have a love for the water, the boat show had something for you.

“What I love about boats is the experience of the journey,” Burgess said. “The journey, and not the destination, is what it’s all about.”

Anacortes has their boat show every year, along with other events that are aimed to really make it an island getaway for people from all over the state. For details on upcoming events or to be part of the festivities at next year’s boat show, visit