The sun sent a significant solar flare in earth’s direction on Monday, December 7th. The energy associated with the flare will arrive December 9th and continue into December 11th, creating anAurora Borealis.

According to the National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center, the Aurora will be visible as far south as Oregon and be visible across the northern tier of the U.S.

Now the question becomes, will there be any breaks in our North Sound cloud cover to see this phenomenon. In looking at the weather forecast through Friday the 11th, the best chance appears to be overnight tonight (December 9th into the morning of the 10th). Higher pressure is building into the region in the wake of yesterday’s soggy frontal system and that change should offer some partial clearing of the skies.

The next Pacific frontal system arrives Thursday night, offering no real chance to see the Aurora.

For more information about this Aurora Borealis event, visit the Space Weather Prediction Center website. If you are able to be awake overnight, you will witness something to behold.