The City of Everett is constructing 28 lane-miles of signs and markings on existing bike routes which will go through the summer, to help bicyclists navigate to different parts of the city.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) awarded Everett $373k in pedestrian and bicycle safety grant funds back in 2021 to construct the citywide bicycle wayfinding (signs and markings).

Active Connections: Citywide Bicycle
Wayfinding map, contributed from City of Everett website.

“Placing signs along bike routes indicating to bicyclists their direction of travel, location of destinations and the distance to those destinations will increase users’ comfort and accessibility to the bicycle network. Wayfinding signs also visually cue motorists that they are driving along a bicycle route and should expect to see bicyclists on the route,” according to the City of Everett website.

The project began April 22 and the sign installation should be done by the end of May. Pavement markings will be done this summer according to the Public Works team.

The project has little to no effect on traffic since they can keep one lane open during each project said the Public Works team. “There was no need for the contractor to implement an extensive traffic control plan because of this dynamic.”

Last year, the city built two bikeways on Madison St. and the Fleming Bicycle Corridor. Kathleen Baxter, Public Works Information and Education Officer said that now is a great time to implement the wayfinding project alongside these new additions.

This project is following the Everett Bicycle Master Plan created in 2011, which has a “30-year horizon”, meaning the plan is applicable for 30 years. The City of Everett intends to take another look at the master plan soon according to Baxter.

“We think this will make bicycling in Everett more comfortable and hopefully attract people to give bicycling in Everett a try,” Baxter said.