An unidentified woman was found slain, near a bunker of ammunition, guns and supplies. Her body was discovered Saturday, and appears to have passed away
several days ago. The bunker was man made (with no word on it’s age) and dug into a hillside.

“Near the victim, detectives located a bunker dug into the hillside which contained a cache of supplies, firearms and ammunition. These were seized
as well. Based on the evidence it appears that the victim was specifically targeted and this was not a random act.” This is according to the local
sheriff’s office. They went on to say they “are developing leads on a person of interest in the case, and hope to release the information in the
near future.”

Her body was discovered on an undeveloped parcel of land on the Southern end of Tamarack Lane.

If you believe you may have valuable information, please contact Det. Ed Wallace at 360-679-9567 or email [email protected].


Image courtesy of Google Maps