Today, North Sound Boeing employees will begin receiving their 2021 bonus checks. Boeing announced it is paying $1.1 billion in bonuses with $485 million coming to Washington State. With the North Sound home to thousands of Boeings 59,000 statewide workers, this is more than welcome news for them and their families in these uncertain times amid spiraling inflation and gas prices.

They will receive an average of $8,000 pre-tax payments. Most local unionized engineers and technical staff will receive bonuses in their paychecks Thursday, varying from 5.6% of their 2021 pay for those in the commercial airplane division to 7.1% for those in aftermarket services. Last week, Boeing paid its local blue-collar machinists’ annual bonuses of 5.8% of their total 2021 pay.

Boeing’s non-union salaried staff will also get similar bonuses to the unionized white-collar employees on Thursday, based upon assessments by managers of individual performance.

All those payouts, based on the company’s performance in 2021, are above the pre-set target.

In a statement, Boeing’s Chief Human Resources Officer Michael D’Ambrose said, “We are proud to offer these incentives as part of a full package of benefits to attract and retain the best talent.”

With a beautiful sunny weekend ahead, it might be a good time to call your family, friends and neighbors and ask what time they are hosting a BBQ.