From the City of Marysville news center:

“Following up on an interim moratorium established in November, the Marysville City Council has permanently banned supervised drug consumption facilities
from locating in the city. The Council’s unanimous decision at its Feb. 12 meeting followed a Planning Commission review and unanimous recommendation
in January for a permanent prohibition.

The ordinance cites negative impacts to communities resulting from supervised drug consumption facilities and concern for public health, safety and

Public hearings were held at both the Planning Commission and City Council levels. The Council’s action Monday amends city code to provide a definition
for supervised drug consumption facilities and does not include it as a permitted use anywhere in the city. “

Supervised drug consumption sites (also known as safe injection sites, fix rooms, or medically supervised injection centers) are medically-supervised
facilities generally designed to reduce nuisance public drug use, and are considered harm-reduction avenues for intravenous drug users.

Such sites have been around since the 1980’s in the US, and as early as the 1970s in Europe.

These sites have heavily contributed to global studies regarding impacts on crime, blood-borne illnesses, overdoses and fatalities related to IV drug