Cascade Industrial Center earns Governor’s Smart Communities Award


The cities of Marysville and Arlington are pleased to announce that the Cascade Industrial Center (CIC) has been honored with a 2023 Governor’s Smart Communities Award. A long-term joint project of the cities, the CIC offers a 4,000-acre center for manufacturing and industrial development in north Marysville and south Arlington, a valuable asset in the growing Puget Sound region. “The cities worked together for years to plan and open the CIC. Our joint goal to benefit our residents with access to good employment opportunities close to home is now being achieved. It is gratifying to receive this statewide recognition for our efforts,” said Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert.

“We are grateful for this recognition of the long path it took to open the CIC,” Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring said. “Attracting family-wage jobs to our community has been a game-changer. Businesses find it more affordable to operate here and their employees enjoy an outstanding quality of life. When a new company opens, it gives residents an opportunity to work closer to home. It’s good for everyone.” The Governor’s award in the Smart Planning Legacy category recognizes long-term community visioning, planning, policies and programs or actions that took 25 years or more to accomplish. The City of Marysville’s long-term vision for the CIC began as part of the city’s comprehensive plan in 1996. The city took an area outside of its previous Urban Growth Area and, through a series of planned steps, brought new light industrial and commercial operations to the community.

In partnership with the City of Arlington and with support from Snohomish County, in 2019 the Puget Sound Regional Council approved the official designation of the Cascade Industrial Center as a regional Manufacturing/Industrial Center. Since then, leading companies in fields including aerospace technology, advanced instrumentation and fabrication have moved to the CIC, which expects to add up to 20,000 over the next decade.  “Snohomish County will continue to prioritize job creation and the economic vitality and resilience of local communities,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “The CIC is a great example of partnerships in action. Without the strong support of local leaders and everyone’s willingness to work together for a common good, we would not be seeing such strong success at the CIC. We are all grateful for the recognition from the Governor that our collaboration is working.”

Companies locating in the CIC enjoy competitive advantages provided by generous manufacturing tax incentives, a predictable and efficient permitting process, an industry-friendly climate, and convenient access to multi-modal transportation options including the BNSF mainline, municipal airport and an international deep-water seaport. There are many assets and advantages for the companies located in the CIC including tax incentives like city and county property tax exemption for eligible business, no city B&O tax for qualifying industries, reduced state B&O tax for qualifying industries, and opportunity zones. “This is a testament to what can be achieved when partners come together to work toward a common goal,” said Snohomish County Councilmember Nate Nehring. “The innovative businesses and family-wage jobs fostered in the Cascade Industrial Center will bring value to Snohomish County residents for years to come.”