Do you know someone between the ages of 16 and 21 that has a hankering to learn to fly? Enter Cascade Warbirds. This remarkable organization was founded August 27, 1993 and is the largest chapter of EEA Warbirds (Warbirds of America). They are Warbird Squadron 2.

“It is the goal of Cascade Warbirds to promote the restoration, preservation, operation and public display of historically significant military aircraft; to acquire and perpetuate the living history of those who served their country on these aircraft; and to inspire today’s young people to become the aviation pioneers of tomorrow.”

Annually, the Cascade Warbirds award scholarships to aspiring young pilots. Due to an outpouring of financial support, and a generous donation to its Scholarship Program, Cascade Warbirds can award more opportunities to aspiring pilots and has extend its 2022 scholarship application period until March 31, 2022.

Classes will begin mid-April, meet two evenings a week for two and 1/2 hours, and on Saturdays for four hours, for six weeks. Taking into consideration school schedules and commitments, they aim to find a time that can work for everyone.

Cascade Warbirds has teamed with certified flight schools to provide scholarship recipients with tuition, books, and supplies, plus two introductory instructional flights. The ground school portion comprises classroom lectures, visual presentations, group discussions, practical exercises, and field trips over a period of approximately 55 hours. Successful completion of this Private Pilot Ground School will qualify a student to take the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam.

This award also includes two instructional flights in a light aircraft, the make and model matched to the student. The first flight will occur part way through the ground school, based on the instructor’s recommendation, and the second flight will occur after the successful completion of the ground school course. Each flight will include a pre-flight briefing, actual taxi and runway procedures, introduction to radio communications, the take-off, a series of in-flight maneuvers, the return and landing, and post-flight procedures. These two flights will be logged in the student’s personal logbook and count toward the minimum flight time required to earn a Private Pilot license.

This scholarship is available for students between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of award. This scholarship is valued at $1,350. Interested students, parents, and advisors should visit Cascade Warbirds Youth for the Scholarship Application, and/or call with any questions. The new deadline to apply is March 31, 2022.

Recognizing the cost of the flight training required for a pilot’s license, the scholarship program offers an additional $2,500 Continuing Aviation Education Grant to one scholarship recipient who intends to earn their FAA private pilot certificate within the following year. Applicants must complete the ground school course, both introductory flights, and submit an essay by September 30 of the scholarship year to be eligible for the Continuing Aviation Grant.

Cascade Warbirds is Squadron #2 of EAA Warbirds of America and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of local aviation enthusiasts, many of whom are pilot owners of historic military aircraft. With over 250 members and the largest squadron in Warbirds of America, Cascade Warbirds members are centered in the Puget Sound area, extending throughout Washington, and, also from British Columbia to Nevada. Its mission is to promote and encourage the flying preservation and display of Warbird aircraft (Keep ‘em Flying), to honor Veterans, and to engage in aviation education.

Why not become a member? It is open to all and does not require a pilot’s license or plane ownership. Just an interest in history or aviation. Many volunteer opportunities abound at their many events on the ground as well.