The Everett Public Schools Foundation has awarded $84,480 in scholarships to very deserving students.  ( First and foremost, the Post Media team wishes to salute ALL the 2020 graduates in America. They were born in the aftermath of 9/11 and are now graduating in the midst of a global virus pandemic. They have been handed a huge challenge and they are our future.

As the Post Media Team writes and researches this story, many more stories are coming to light, look for them in coming days. Send us your special stories of family member’s, neighbors’ and friends’ students and how they have coped and are working to better our community and continue their education.  We will feature them and their accomplishments.

There are 15 Public School Districts in Snohomish County, 7 in Skagit County and 3 in Island County.  Below are links to each county’s information regarding their school districts. Take a real hard look. They also include alternative schools for kids needing extra assistance and detention center schools for those who have had legal issues.  All these students need our support, guidance and help. Please volunteer if you can help mentor our future.

Put a balloon on the mailbox of a neighbor who has a graduating student.  Place flowers at the school’s sign to let them know we all care.  These students lacked the normal rites of passage of prom and circumstance, big graduation ceremonies in caps and gowns and the fun celebrations that follow.  We need to let them know they will not be the forgotten class of 2020 but the ones that will be remembered for overcoming adversity and bettering the world.

Snohomish County:

Skagit County:

Island County: