Many cities in Snohomish County currently have fireworks bans in place, including Brier, Goldbar, Everett and Edmonds, to name a few.

For the tenth year in a row, South County Fire asked Snohomish County Council to consider a proposal on a ban of fireworks in SnoCo. This year, it has
moved on successfully to the ballot, leaving the initial decision to the will of the voters.

From the South County website: Each year, Snohomish County fire and law enforcement agencies receive more than 650 firework-related calls in July. Fires
started by fireworks have caused more than $3.4 million in damage and have displaced 15 households in unincorporated south Snohomish County since 2005.

The site goes on to detail that bans are effective in reducing fireworks related accidents, and basically, that the current rules in place are not. “Banning
fireworks would prevent injuries, loss of life and property as well as restore a sense of security, safety and peace of mind for the people we serve.

On July 24, the Snohomish County Council moved to address the concern by adding it to the ballot and letting the voters of the county make a decision regarding
the potential “prohibition of the possession, sale and discharge of consumer fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Snohomish County.”

Critics of the ban say that bans are too restrictive and don’t completely eliminate fires, injuries or accidents related to consumer fireworks. Many advocates
point out the pitfalls of fireworks: losing pets, having to drug their pets, the adverse effect on combat veterans, risks to person and property or
cite personal experience relating to it.