What stands out the most about Wayne Soderquist’s commentary about the nearly two decade old tradition of Cruzin’ To Colby, held every Memorial Weekend
in downtown Everett since 1999, is his quiet pride for the organization, volunteers and contributors as a whole. As a South Everett resident, his heart
lies with making a difference locally and with contribution on a human level. Wayne is the President of Seattle Rod-Tiques, and has been for 17 years,
though he humbly admitted to “just about 20 years or so” since he had joined the organization.

Although, only one or two members of Seattle Rod-Tiques resides above the SnoCo line, says Soderquist, they’ve objected to swapping the name to reflect
its heart at the Northern Sound, insisting that to adjust after so many years is to basically cop to revisionist history. It’s kept as is, though no
longer proper, as one more way of preserving history as it once stood. Rod-Tiques was founded in the 1950’s, achieved non-profit status in 1979, and
has been going strong ever since. The rise of Cruizin’ to Colby began at the old Everett Herfy’s, where they’d pack the parking lot, then moved to
another establishment on Colby, which was at the time named The Flying Pig. This year at Cruzin’ To Colby, Soderquist reports over 750 cars participating
on Monday, which while not a record high, is a dazzling number of classic autos in the street. Also an estimated two hundred party-goers at their following
dance where live music was performed by the Wright Brothers and Elvis impersonator Danny Vernon, along with an estimated 20,000 overflowing the streets
to watch and participate.

The mission of their organization focuses around community awareness through raising funds, family fun and car and driving safety. While united by love
of classic vehicles, one doesn’t need to actually own a classic in order to be enrolled in the organization. As they exist in the largest sense to
come together and serve the community, they’re heavily bolstered by sponsors and volunteers, which converge together to make their mission possible.
“We really couldn’t do this without the volunteers,” was a point he stressed, and cited the generosity and consistency of the sponsors as key as well.

Is there one single incident, over the span of time shared with the organization, that Soderquist can point out as the most singularly rewarding? “Just
the experience of giving to our charities”, which is something that gets to be repeated each year. The charities they’re most traditionally involved
with are Hospice of Snohomish County, Campfire USA, Providence Hospice, Snohomish Food Bank and the Snohomish County Sheriff Explorers. Most recently,
they augmented the list to include the Burned Children Recovery center.

You can visit their website here: seattlerod-tiques.com.