Recycle Your Tree and Support Your Local Scouts!

Those great Scouts are at it again!  You can take down your tree and drop it off for free this coming weekend, (but any, and all contributions of any size are greatly appreciated).

Everett Boy Scout Troop 114 will be holding a Christmas Tree Recycling Event this weekend, January 2nd, and 3rd between 10:00am and 2:00pm both days. You can drop your tree off at Senator Henry M. Jackson Park, at 3302 18th St in Everett, WA, in the ballfield parking lot.

In case getting that tree there is a problem, just stop by to arrange for a pickup.  It could not be any easier to dispose of that 2020 tree and the year that came with it!

Where does that tree go?  It gets turned into compost or biomass, Both are good for the environment.

Troop 114 is a wonderful group, involved in community service activities year-round.  With a 30-year history, 55 Eagle Scouts and counting, they are committed to service.

These Eagle Scouts built a new bridge in the Arboretum in 2019 as a project.

Occasionally, the troop gets a break and enjoyed a much-deserved trip to Yellowstone last July.  With many healthcare providers among their parents, many cars, and serious protocols in place, it was safe and wonderful.

This year, with a cheerier outlook, this brave and service minded group will embark on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Please provide your positive support whenever, and however, possible.

Last time we checked, these civic minded young individuals are still opening doors and helping those in need across the street.  Since founded in 1910, the BSA has been dedicated to building character, leadership, and community service. When in need, call a SCOUT!

Since its inception in 1910, more than 130 million young men and women have participated in the BSA’s youth programs. More than 35 million adult volunteers have helped carry out the BSA’s mission.  Be one of them.