“Do you want to help us pick out our new headboards?”

That came from Will, one of the owners of the brand new mattress destination in Everett called E.S.C. Mattress Center, when I walked in the doors.

Sure, why not? I thought. And within minutes we were scrolling through furniture and I was giving my two cents of what looked good and hearing their expert
opinions on what is popular, trendy, and practical. They’re like the gurus of sleep, I quickly decided.

There we go—a new nickname for the pack of experts who spent years together at the same mattress corporation and then decided to break away and start
their very own business. It is a business that sells itself–trustworthy top-name brands for competitive pricing.

This group of gentleman– Joshua Rigsby, William Wellauer, and Bill Miller—are friends, former co-workers and managers and area leaders and trainers.
And now they’re in a whole different ballpark, raising up a company from scratch.

It takes guts—and lots of heart.





As any business owner can attest to, it’s hard to start your own brand when there are a million others begging for attention.

“We believe in what we sell and we know what it takes to sleep well at night, clear and simple,” Miller said confidently. “We were trained by the best,
we have years under our belt, and now it’s time to become the preferred mattress retailer in Snohomish County.”

With over 20 years experience between the three of them they eat, sleep, and breathe their passion. Not only for bed products, but for the customers who
come through the door.

There are so many people out there experiencing true ailments, pains, and serious lack of sleep due to what they’re sleeping on, they told me, and they
have hearts set on fixing that.

“We’re non-commissioned,” Rigsby explained to me, “So our goal is to find the right bed for them and the best night’s sleep. Brands that we trusted orginally
went away and those were brands our families slept on and relied on. It was my deciding factor ultimately.”

Big box stores, corporations that look more like Monopoly pieces throughout the states, and online retailers are at an all-time high right now, but that
will never take away people’s need to be listened to and to have a wholesome experience with no pressure, no sharp sales tactics, and workers who care.

“We’re just figuring out now how to bring people in those doors so they can see for themselves,” Wellauer said. “It’s about creating our own brand now.”


ESC Mattress Center is located on Everett Mall Way, right by Outback Steakhouse. Visit them at escmattresscenter.com.