Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin and Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson have entered a friendly competition in order to raise awareness and participation
for National Bike Month.

From the City of Everett Newsdesk:

Throughout the month of May, Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin and Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson will participate in challenges to celebrate Bike Month.
National Bike Month takes place every May and is an opportunity to celebrate the many benefits of bicycle riding.

Mayors Franklin and Gregerson will engage in a friendly competition for miles cycled over the month of May. The mayors will check in each Friday and
share their progress with community members through social media. The winner will receive the inaugural “Non-Motorized Mayor Award”.

“Whether you ride to commute to work or school, or just for pleasure, there’s no denying the advantages of bicycling,” said Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin.
“Biking helps to preserve your health and the environment and is a fun way to explore your community.”

The mayors will also complete a series of challenges that they encourage the community to do as well. Each mayor will ride to five different locations
in their respective cities and post a photo of themselves completing the challenge on Facebook.

“We encourage community members to participate in these challenges too,” said Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. “They’re a great way to celebrate
Bike Month, enjoy some fresh air and get to know your city better.”

Each mayor and the community are challenged to:

Ride to your local library and take a picture with a book about bicycles

Ride to the waterfront and take a picture with a boat

Ride to a local park and take a picture with public art

Ride to a fire station and get a picture with a firefighter

Ride to a local historic landmark and share a fact about the location with your picture Everett Transit and Community Transit have programs for commuters
looking to ditch their vehicles. Visit everetttransit.org/everettinmotion or communitytransit.org/curbthecongestion for information. Tag us in
your photos on Facebook @EverettCity and @CityofMukilteo.

Content and image courtesy of Everett Press Release 5.1.18