EVERETT May 30: Last night the council showed support for the Levy Lid Lift which will raise the regular tax rate to roughly $2.19/$1,000 assessed value if approved by voters in August. Community members showed their support and opposition to Flock Safety and the Clark Park renovation.

Mayor comments:

Mayor Cassie Franklin read a proclamation recognizing the month of June as Pride Month and urged the community to be safe, welcoming and enjoy this month’s festivities.

“I was really inspired by the work that they (Everett Pride) have been doing to support our LGBTQIA+ community and everything they are doing to broader Snohomish County community,Franklin said.

“A reminder that pride is not only a celebration, it is a protest. It is a testament to the courage of generations of LGBTQ+ individuals who have fought bravely to live openly and authentically,Everett Pride President Kevin Daniels said.

The Mayor and Police Chief DeRousse swore in police officer Jason Tutchtone for the second time, first in 2016, after working at the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Public comment:

Community members commented in support and opposition to implementing Flock Safety technology in Everett.

Chair of the Delta Neighborhood Association Jeff Kelly supported Flock Safety, saying that crime in Jackson Park has affected the community and that technology could help.

“I have confidence this won’t be infringing on people’s rights and there are steps being taken for identities to be protected in the case of saved footage needed for investigations,Delta neighborhood resident Gene Carrillo said.

Paul Bins on behalf of the Snohomish County chapter of NAACP expressed concerns about the technology and how it interacts with communities of color.

Chief DeRousse answered questions from the council as well as addressed comments made by community members.

“I am not sure you can convince me that this can prevent crime, it’s just going to help after the crime,Councilmember Liz Vogeli said.

DeRousse said that in talking with the Arlington police department which currently has Flock Safety implemented, they foundyear after year they double their auto theft recover.”

The council approved a multiple-year purchase of Flock Safety technology. This approval will allow the Police department to adopt this technology. To learn more about Flock Safety and how the police department will use the technology, see here: https://www.everettpost.com/local-news/everett-police-plan-to-launch-crime-reducing-tech

Clark Park Renovation:

Community members from the Bayside neighborhood showed their support for the Clark Park renovation, citing how the Gazebo has turned into a place for illicit activities such as drug use and selling.

To hear all public comments, you can watch the council meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f409b06RAfg

Levy Lid Lift

The council approved a resolution supporting ballot measure Proposition 1, the Levy Lid Lift for Public Safety and Essential Public Services. The Levy Lid Lift will be on the ballot in August and will raise the regular tax rate to no more than $2.19/$1,000 assessed value if voted in by community members.

“Your property tax dollars fund many of the important and beloved services our residents want and need – and Proposition 1 will help ensure the City can continue providing these services,said Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin.I am proud to stand with our council members in support of this measure as a crucial next step towards long-term financial stability, restoration of some past cuts and the expansion and launch of new services and programs in the future.”

This will have an impact of roughly $28 per month for the average home in Everett according to the agenda. The increase in taxes will fund park maintenance, libraries, animal shelters, street maintenance, and more.

Without a property tax increase or other revenue solution, the City of Everett will need to make 12.6 million dollars of budget cuts for 2025 according to a recent press release.

Rejection of the levy would mean further cuts. For 2025, the City would need to find $12.6 million in cuts to balance its budget according to the same release.