Mayor Cassie Franklin opened with how the city of Everett is “booming” and how the city has built more than 2,400 homes in the last five years. Franklin also said they have 1,800 units permitted in the permitting process with more to be expected. She claims this will bring over 3,000 residents to downtown.

“We are going to see a lot more housing in Everett,” Franklin said.

It is “No Mow month”, resident Doug Evans shared with the Mayor for consideration of “No Mow May”, as a way to protect bee habitats. Franklin says to be thoughtful as you mow this month to create a habitat for natural pollinators. You can learn more about preserving wildlife here:

Mayor Franklin recognized three groups that are being appreciated this week:

  1. Youth Apprenticeship Week
  2. Teacher Appreciation Week
  3. Public Service Recognition Week

Paula Rhyne, Council Member District 2

Rhyne addressed how there is “some racist language” within the city code. She mentioned the Mayor spearheading efforts to de-gender the city code and asked to again take a look at the code to remove racist language.

She made a statement of standing in solidarity with the Boeing Firefighters and hopes for a resolution that “honors the work and the dignity of the firefighters here.”

Don Schwab, Council President District 3

Schwab thanked residents for sending in comments and input on the Levy Lift. The measure being put before Everett voters in August, titled “Proposition 1: Levy Lid Lift for Public Safety and Essential Public Services,” asks for a moderate property tax increase, less than $30 per month for the average homeowner, to fund public safety and essential services.

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* Corrected May 10, Don Schwab was corrected.