On May 1st, you may have spotted some men hard at work erecting posts in downtown Everett along the street corners. We at the Everett Post certainly
did, and stopped by to ask some questions. While street side with the workers, Dana Oliver of the Downtown Everett Association was on-site to answer
some quick questions about the project.

“This project has been a collaborative effort between the City and the Downtown Everett Association to promote economic development and tourism. The
City’s economic development team worked with a local graphic design company, Luminous, to develop the initial signage concepts in 2013. The goal
was to create a wayfinding system that would allow visitors to easily navigate downtown and be aware nearby destinations and attractions.”

The signs will be placed throughout the downtown corridor, with eight currently going in and a hopeful eye turned towards placing another six to total
fourteen. Moving forward, the Downtown Everett Association will be maintaining the signs, and as new attractions are added downtown, new directional
blades will be added.

Below, please find the details regarding the placement of the wayfinder signs as well as their points of interest.


Planned intersections:

Hoyt & California

Colby & California

Wetmore & California

Rucker & Hewitt

Hoyt & Hewitt

Colby & Hewitt

Wetmore & Hewitt

Oakes & Hewitt

Broadway & Hewitt

Hoyt & Wall

Colby & Wall

Wetmore & Wall

Lombard & Wall

Pacific & Wetmore


Points of interest include:


Public Library

Performing Arts Center (Performing Arts)

Wetmore Theatre Plaza (Wetmore Plaza)

Everpark Garage

Schack Art Center

Historic Everett Theatre (Historic Theatre)

City Hall

Events Center

Imagine Children’s Museum (Children’s Museum)

Police Department

County Campus

County Garage

Municipal Court

So, what happens next? “The city has made a commitment to updating the Metro Everett plan, which deepens the connection to surrounding development with our downtown core. With new development comes new opportunities for attractions and increased tourism. Pedestrian wayfinding is a part of Metro Everett’s plan and we hope that the city will incorporate a comprehensive wayfinding plan based in part on downtown’s wayfinding vision. Our goal is to create a vibrant urban core connected with equally vibrant waterfront, college district and river front developments.”