(Courtesy photo by Rucker)

Left: Edward Dufresne, 18; Top: Jacob Sloniker, 17; Bottom: Corey Palmer, 17; Right: Grayson Malone, 15

Written by: Nathan Senff

It all started with a few friends, a guitar and a neighborhood garage.

Edward Dufresne, an 18 year old Running Start student at Everett Community College, got a bass guitar in middle school and wanted to start a band. He gathered
his closest friends at the time and began jam sessions. Those jam sessions began to form a band. This band is the high school alternative rock band

Rucker got its start in the neighborhood garage of the lead singer at the time. The name came from Edward’s mother. Edward said that it was a great name
because the band rehearsed on Rucker Ave. in downtown Everett.

Rucker got its first hit at the Everett High School Battle of the Bands and from then on has been going steady. The band now plays at local family friendly
clubs, pubs and restaurants such as: El Corazon in Seattle and the Anchor Pub in Everett.

Jacob Sloniker, the 17 year old drummer, said the band has been in progress for a few years. Rucker has had 3 different lead singers, 4 different guitarists,
1 bass player and 1 drummer.

Rucker, today, is consisted of four members. Grayson Malone, guitarist; Jacob Sloniker, drummer; Edward Dufresne, bassist; and Corey Palmer, lead singer.

The band writes and performs original songs. They also play album hits from bands like Nirvana, Led Zepplin and the Beatles. Sloniker said “we wanted to
be a classic and vintage rock band, but have a twist of who we are in the 21st Century.”

This summer, Rucker is excited to announce plans to release their first live recorded album. Rucker will also be performing this Friday, April 21, 2017
at El Corazon for the Battle of the Bands Alum. Edward said that the band is doing some concert or appearance every weekend.

From a garage session to a stage, Rucker has been through the many stages of an up and coming rock band. Dufresne said the band is our life and we are
like a machine that works together and knows our every move.