Everett’s mayor is getting serious about fighting back against the drug crisis. Mayor Cassie Franklin has announced the creation of a new task force that will focus on the city’s urgent and growing drug crisis in relation to fentanyl, meth and other deadly illegal substances. The task force will also work on its’ effects on community safety and make recommendations going forward.

“People in our community do not feel safe and nearly all the safety concerns I hear about can be tied to the prevalence of fentanyl and meth in our city,” said Mayor Cassie Franklin. “This crisis is only going to get worse, so it’s imperative that we bring together our brightest minds to help us address these serious safety challenges.”

Mayor Franklin’s new task force plans to work toward ensuring there is comprehensive representation from all demographics on the task force to include; leading service providers, business leaders, government partners at the city, county and state levels, the faith-based community, community members themselves, those with lived experience, and subject matter experts. She will be extending invitations to all these groups to join in the coming days.

The task force hopes to convene this winter and work over the next several months to develop a full understanding of the challenges in order to make recommendations on short- and medium-term actions; as well as long-term solutions to combat the local drug crisis and the related community safety issues.

“Our residents, business owners and visitors deserve to feel safe throughout our city; my team and I remain committed to doing everything we can to make that vision our reality and we look forward to seeing what the task force recommends,” said Mayor Franklin.

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