Marc Tachell stands out. And not just because his to-the-belt length beard puts every hipster on the trendy-beard bandwagon to shame. Although born locally,
he spent many years traveling for work through Boeing, which eventually brought him back to his roots in Snohomish County. Being passionate about live
music, he returned to our streets, seeking out entertaining days and nights in the company of friends and maybe a few screaming guitar riffs. As he
settled into the music scene, it became very apparent that he was missing crucial shows, or that word of mouth failed to inform him of really great
gigs until after they’d come and gone.

Marc stands out because he saw something missing in our community, and he took action. After missing one too many shows, Marc created,
a “live music schedule with live bands and venue listings for the north of Seattle area.” was launched January 7, 2009 and was a labor
of love entered in HTML, although now the plethora of information pops up in a familiar PDF format, imported via MS Excel. It is singularly the most
comprehensive list of bands and venues available, if you live North of the Snohomish County line. What started as a small space online to share information
has morphed into approximately 10,000 bands and an almost daily update of posters and flyers of ongoing events, up-and-coming newbies and dyed-in-the-wool
hometown celebrities.

He also creates posters and flyers for the bands themselves and has now began videoing and uploading to YouTube in 4K. Upon first landing onto his YouTube
page, the first five popular uploads boast of more than sixty thousand views. Marc shared that he really enjoys the film part of the venture, because
it “drives me to be creative and free” with the work.

There doesn’t appear to be a single thing about Marc that he does half-heartedly. He shared that in 2001, he went to the Foosball National Championships
in Las Vegas, he’s been working at Boeing since before Clinton graced the Resolute Desk of the Oval Office (or Ms. Lewinkski did, for that matter)
and that beard of his won him a silver medal in the 2013 National Beard and Moustache Championship.

Marc has quietly gone about being a crucial cog in the music scene for years, bringing his special magnitude of quality of efforts along with. His dedication
to his “hobby” has been complemented with local venues, thus benefitting the musicians and proprietors of those venues. He’s likely increased foot
traffic to events by putting forth a consistently up-to-date and inclusive go-to product for music enthusiasts to visit online.

And he doesn’t make a dime doing it, while running an enormous one-man circus. Marc says that he “cannot stand advertisements”, to the degree that he has
to mute the TV or radio or leave the room when they start getting under his skin, so he definitely doesn’t plan on cluttering up his pages with them
any time soon. His longtime girlfriend, Jodi Brady (pictured) helps him out by updating his pages and by connecting him to the very North scene, closer
to Anacortes. Other than that, he manages all on his own.

Marc Tachell goes beyond just providing free services, beyond free flyers and his status as a local personality. He is a gift to Everett, and we are very
glad to have him.