The following was sent to the tenants of the multi-story building kitty-corner from the main entrance of the Funko building (pictured below).

“We are writing to notify you of the upcoming sale of Wetmore Building which should be formalized and effective September 16, 2019. GT Wetmore LLC
will be the new owner and has retained Donna Canterna with Kidder Mathews to continue to manage the building and ensure a smooth and easy transition.

Day-to-day operations will remain unchanged however, it is worth nothing that Funko intends to immediately occupy the current vacant space in the building
with intentions of expanding over time. Their occupancy will include improvements and some construction on site. We will do out best to minimize
the impact of this work, but inevitably there will be some disruption.

Your current lease will obviously be honored, but please contact us at your convenience if you are interested in moving, downsizing, and/or relocating
sooner prior to your current lease expiration. Depending on which suite you are in, we may or may not be interested in discussing early termination
options further.”

The letter goes on to detail that effective September, rental checks need to be addressed to the new owners.