Let’s Go Fishing!

The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department is actively seeking beta testers for its free mobile fishing app. The “Fish Washington” app is currently
due to be released in April of 2018, and its purpose is to provide current “up-to-the-minute fishing regulations for every lake, river, stream
and marine area in the state.” This early version is being released to the public in the hopes of ironing out any potential bugs or inaccuracies
between now and the official launch date.

According the toe WDFW website, the current features include:

  • Interactive mapping to help anglers find fishing near them.
  • Details on harvest limits and allowable gear for fishable species in each body of water.
  • Access to the Fish Washington website and instructional videos designed to convey when, where and how to fish in Washington.
  • Locations of boat launches and other fishing access points.
  • Ability to add waypoints on maps, and report poaching in progress.
  • Downloadable updates and offline capacity designed for those who may not have cell service in remote areas or on the water.

With your intrepid help, the WDFW is hoping to vet the accuracy of the app, it’s capacity to be ‘load tested’ by as many users as possible; and to
that end, to be tested by as many different phone brands and software platforms.

If you’re interested, go to your Google Play or Apple App Store and download for free. After testing, leave your feedback in the in your app store
commentary section, or email WDFW at [email protected]