For many people, having a nice cold pint of beer and spending time with your dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Luckily enough, a spot where dog and beers lovers has recently opened up in the Everett area. Pints and Pups, which is located in a former window tinting warehouse on Evergreen Way is a local beer bar that allows their patrons to bring their furry friends along for fun.

The bar began operating during April of this year, and was started by three friends; Melinda, Geoff, and Justin. “We always tossed around the idea of opening a dog park bar, and once Covid restrictions eased up, we finally pulled the trigger and our business,” said Co-Owner Melinda Forhan. Like many other breweries, Pints and Pups offers a wide selection of drinks, with 26 on tap. Beverages range from nitro cold brew, which is a cold coffee-based drink used with a nitro tap, to four dog beers.  “No, we aren’t giving our customers’ dogs alcohol,” joked Forhan. “Dog beers are basically vitamin enhanced waters for our pups.”

The bar is both indoor and outdoor, providing guests with the option to spend time with their dogs as they please.  The outdoor section of the bar is fenced, has natural grass and is off-leash allowing the furry customers to run around and play, while their owners can sit back a drink a cold one. Owners are encouraged to watch their dogs while in the off-leash area, and are responsible for cleaning up their waste. An on-leash section is also available for customers with dogs who tend to be nervous or shy, and is located near the entrance of the bar. The indoor section of the bar provides owners and their dogs with toys and an agility course as well. Guests are also allowed to bring their own food, however if these choose to eat outside, the meals must stay by the tables and be disposed of.

There are no breed restriction at Pints and Pups, with the bar welcoming dogs of all shapes and sizes. “We wanted to make an all-inclusive place for the community to hangout with their dogs,” said Forhan. “We’re all dog lovers, and seeing people bring in their own unique pets is really something special.” Before entering the bar, guests are required to sign a waiver, acknowledging that they are responsible for their pups. Pints and Pups also hosts a monthly breed meet up, where owners of a certain breed are allowed to gather at the bar for half price. Eventually, the bar would like to partner with a local adoption center once a year and host an adopt a dog event.

The price for interested guests comes to $5 for one dog, and $7.50 for two. The bar also offers a punch card system, where guests can enter a certain number of times for a set amount. A Halloween event is also being planned, where patrons can dress up their dogs for pictures and a costume contest on the 29th. “We really want to see this place grow and become a fixture for the community. We are the only dog park bar in the area, and it’s a great place for friends to meet up and have fun with their pups,” said Forhan.

Pints and Pups is located on 6923 Evergreen Way, Unit A in Everett. For more information regarding their business hours and policies, you can contact them at 425-750-5940 or email them at [email protected]