Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County has paired with KXA 1520 and Fox Sports 1380 for a work party, to take place on 25th and Broadway on
August 3rd, and they’re looking for volunteers. Habitat for Humanity operates and advocates under the premise that “everybody should have
a decent, safe and affordable place to live”, and relies heavily on community participation and volunteerism to do so. Habitat for Humanity is not
a giveaway program, but the homes at sold at cost to vetted applicants, who incur a “no interest” loan, which is also used to build additional homes.

In this case, you have an opportunity to not only volunteer in a small work party of five listeners each, you’ll be led by one of your favorite local radio
station hosts, and be supplied with free lunch from Jimmy John’s on Broadway as well. Maury Eskenazi of Fox Sports and Stitch Mitchell, the morning
host of 1520 Classic Country, will be heading the five-person teams, either from 8:30 to 12:30 or 1:00 to 5:30. Each home built has a special story
behind it, but this one happens to also have the distinction of being the 25th home erected by the Snohomish Division.

Don’t be intimidated or miss out on the event because of the nature of it. The Post reached out to Mark Johnson, the Resource Development Director of the
Snohomish Division of Habitat for Humanity (with whom the stations have partnered with to begin the process of developing the work party) to address
questions you might have about volunteering.

If I’ve never held a hammer, let alone seen a nail gun, is there still something I can do on site, to help? There is always something
for people to do. Our site leads essentially take a skill level inventory with new volunteers. Sometimes there are more complex tasks that a person
new to construction wouldn’t have any idea how to do (me, for instance), but then there are tasks like painting, drywall, laying flooring which require
little prep. Everyone gets the proper tool and safety training without going above and beyond his or her comfort level.

Where do volunteers check in the day of the build? Volunteers can check in at 2010 23rd on the day of the KRKO/KXA build. The Everett
Habitat Store is just around the corner on Broadway for a reference point.

Is the project already underway, or is August 3rd the start date? Phoenix II [the build] is underway and is almost exactly
1/3 of the way complete. We budgeted out 59 actual work days and we are at 19 as of [July 27]. The home should be finished on December 15th.

How long does the home building process usually take? A typical home build takes between six and nine months – for this Habitat affiliate.
Our volunteer schedule is to build twice a week. Give that constraint, the varying levels of expertise with our volunteers and the number of volunteers
we have for construction, that is almost an iron-clad timeline. We could build more quickly if we added another build day and/or had more volunteers.
Some homes go up in three months if you’re on a three- to four-day schedule.

Mark goes on to share that you should sign up and follow proper channels in that regard. For this particular work party, sign up by emailing [email protected]
with VOLUNTEER in the subject line. To volunteer in a general capacity, go directly to any of the stores for a sign up sheet, call in, or enlist through

For additional information, and full contact options, you can go to: https://www.everettpost.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=82083,
http://habitatsnohomish.org/. http://habitatsnohomish.org/about-us/habitat-faq/,