2023 is in the rear-view mirror, and 2024 is on the horizon. Make it special.

A few reminders…fire works are illegal in Everett and most of Snohomish County. In some unincorporated areas they may be allowed. Check with your local fire district to make sure. If you decide to light a few firecrackers, remember to do so safely, and have a ready water source should something go wrong. Though it has been wet, the underbrush may still be dry and ready to ignite. You don’t want to catch your house on fire or worse yet, your neighbor’s.

Also, be cautious if driving. Target Zero is always in effect and there will be extra patrols on New Year’s Eve. If someone you know has one too many, have a designated driver on hand, call an Uber or taxi. If the revelry is at your house, give them a pillow and blanket and a couch. They’ll thank you in the morning over a cup of coffee with aspirin on the side.

Our police and firefighters are spread pretty thin. They won’t be home with family and friends, enjoying the fun, but in their cars and manning their stations in case you need them. And they will come running if you do.

Many broadcast stations will be providing a front row seat to view fireworks over Sydney Harbor, Big Ben in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Tokyo and beyond. You can watch the ball drop in Times Square at 9pm our time live or delayed at midnight. Have a wonderful time and respect your neighbors. After you sing Auld Land Sang on New Year’s Eve and smooched your loved one at midnight, turn down the music and take it inside.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 to all our readers and listeners!