The following is editorial comment from Marcee Maylin, Editor of the Everett Post

What a year it has been, what a past two years it has been. So much has happened it is hard to begin. Perhaps with this.

While our nation is divided in some ways, it is always united. We must look for what we all have in common. Americans are the most resilient people on earth. It was founded on freedom, and we have fought for that for over two hundred years. Throw something at us and we come together in response. We find a solution.

While we have endured unimaginable strife these past couple of years with a great loss of life to our loved ones, friends, and cherished icons during the pandemic, we have survived. We have reinvented our work lives, home schooled our children, and helped them through zoom school classes while working remotely. We have changed. Change is difficult but inevitable.

During this, some amazing things have happened. Our North Sound community has welcomed over 2400 Afghan refugees, composed of men, women, and children. With the assistance of our local governments, charities, and faith-based organizations, we have provided them with a warm place to sleep, food, clothing, education, and opportunities they could never have dreamed of. All in the absence of war and violence and a feeling of safety.

We are a nation of immigrants, whether new or centuries old. Required reading when I was younger included a book called the Frederick Turner Thesis. It is still available today. The theory suggests that Americans have an innate desire to invent and explore new frontiers. It started with exploring and settling the “wild west” and progressed to space. Imagine the first brave people crossing oceans to arrive here. Would they have ever visualized Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles? Everyone arriving here wants the same thing. A chance for a better life.

While we all agree our government is struggling to find consensus among the diverse populations and views, long gone are the days of small communities, where there is a leader, and everyone votes and agrees on a way forward. Imagine being an elected official in a country of 350 million people. Agree with them or not, they felt a call to serve and were brave to run for office. I attended an open hearing in Olympia a few years back. Our representatives were begging for input. Otherwise, they use their best judgement to address important issues, knowing everyone will not be happy. When you receive those surveys and questionnaires from your representatives, take a moment to answer before tossing them into the recycle bin.

We have become accustomed to our easy lifestyle, as hard as it might seem at times. Someone please run to the corner drug or grocery store, call 911, or race to a nearby emergency room with a sick child.

In these crazy times and the New Year rings in, remember there are people worldwide with no potable water, access to basic healthcare, and drought-stricken crops for food. Random acts of kindness such as racing to open a door for an elderly citizen are so appreciated.

We will endure and find a solution to all the challenges. We are after all, Americans.

Have a beautiful, successful, and grateful New Year.