Heidi May is an on-air radio talent for Classic Country KXA and Greatest Hits KRKO, Everett’s only locally owned and operated radio stations.  Many radio hosts adopt an “on-air” name, but when you are born with a name like Heidi May, why bother.  It is her birth given name.  May is her real last name too, not her middle.  But everyone who knows her calls her by her full name.  It just rolls of the tongue, “Heidi May”.

Heidi May far left

Heidi May is a Pacific Northwest native.  She was born in Bellevue and grew up in the Green Lake area of Seattle. In elementary school she was a girl scout, but not always an angel.  She remembers jumping on the back of the ice cream truck with a friend and jumping off when it started tipping up in the air!   She went to Lincoln High School where she was the student government vice-president her Freshmen year.

Like most radio hosts, the bug bit early.  Heidi May grew up listening to KING and KJR Radio and knew at age 11 she wanted to be on-air. On career day in high school, Heidi May chose to go to KZOK Radio. From there she would go to Bailie School of Broadcast to hone her skills.

Her fist real radio job was at KMAS Radio in Puyallup.  She would go on to work at KTAC, KVI, KBSG,KJR -FM, Q104.5 and KMPS before we nabbed her for our local radio stations, KXA and KRKO.


If you only knew how lucky we at the Everett Post and radio stations are to have Heidi May. Of all her accomplishments and achievements, the one she is most proud of, is being a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Diagnosed in 2010, Heidi May chose to use her position on air at KJR-FM to give visibility to breast cancer. She was very public about her battle and it changed her, and her perspective forever.  Since then, she has raised thousands of dollars towards finding a cure for breast cancer.  You can visit her American Cancer Society – Making Strides against breast cancer fundraising page at: ACS Heidi May

More than anything though, Heidi May is excited about becoming a Grandmother for the first time this year. Both of her kids are expecting babies this year.

You can catch Heidi May’s fun personality segments on both stations throughout the week.  You can listen live, stream and download the mobile apps through Everett Post.