The historic Everett Fire station in downtown Everett, located at 2801 Oakes Avenue is undergoing renovations to become the Everett Fire Department’s new headquarters. The project is expected to be completed in March 2021, and will house 23 fire department employees, eight of whom are civilians and 15 uniformed. The uniformed personnel will include our administration, training, EMS, and fire marshal’s office staff.

Historically known as Everett Fire Station #2, the building was constructed in 1925 for $22,157. The structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by Mayor Bill Moore in 1990.  It was last used as an active fire station in 1992, before the staff and personnel were moved to the new station on Rucker Avenue. A previous federal grant funded a complete seismic upgrade of the building in the early 2000s.

Chief Demarco says, “renovation of the historic 2801 Oakes fire station as a headquarters building will allow the fire department administrative team to consolidate and work from one campus for the first time in over a decade. This historic structure is deeply rooted in the fabric of the department, having served the community continuously since 1926. All our members are aware of the generations of firefighters who have stood watch at 2801 Oakes. With this renovation that watch will continue for another fifty years.

Our fire department works on the city streets, and the historic fire station is a part of those streets. Having all our staff in one location, close to the streets will allow the fire administration to better serve the department and community. While the building will serve as an active office space, we also view it as a living museum, and intend to display artifacts maintained by the Everett Firefighters Association in the interior.

As all the historic photos of the building are black and white… it is impossible to know what color the doors and windows were. We chose the fire engine red colors for their beauty and in homage to a long and honorable firefighting tradition in Everett.”

This effort, proposed by Mayor Franklin and supported by Everett City Council, is part of a larger effort to reduce the overall cost of City facilities. The project process began in early 2019 with an approved budget of $1.6 million. The total projected cost is currently a little over $1.4 million, paid for with federal dollars that have already been reimbursed to the Everett Fire Department.

The renovation includes the conversion of the former apparatus bays into working office spaces. The most noticeable change from the outside is the replacement of the 1960s aluminum garage doors and windows with beautiful new red bay doors and windows that are functional, meet energy code requirements for new office spaces, and return the building to its historical roots.

This project’s beauty is part of Mayor Franklin’s initiative to create a livable, workable, walkable downtown Everett.

Other renovation elements include creating a classroom and conference room, adding ADA compliant bathrooms on the ground level floor, and offices or workspaces for the entire fire department administrative team. The building is also being wired to accept generator power for use in the event of a disaster.

Marcee Maylin has a degree in Editorial Journalism from the University of Washington and 30+ years media experience. She is currently the Editor of the Everett Post dedicated to providing current, relevant, and entertaining content for the local community.