Do you feel stuck?  Have you heard of WGU Washington? That’s the online, nonprofit university created by local leaders to help Washingtonians get ahead in their careers. WGU Washington is your place to go.

You have a friend in Tonya Drake. She is the Chancellor of WGU Washington.  She has spent her entire career in higher education and is dedicated to providing access to everyone.  She especially enjoys helping first generation college graduates achieve their goals, as well as enabling older adults to change their lives and focus.  Chancellor Drake says, “now is the time to act, be bold, courageous and feel empowered by knowing there is always a different path available to learn and achieve your dreams.”

Having gone through traditional education and worked at the University of Washington, Shoreline Community College and Edmonds Community college, she said “I jumped at this opportunity with WGU to assist in advancing everyone’s opportunities.”

WGU Washington is fully accredited and offers degrees in multiple areas in their colleges:  Business, Health, Teaching, and IT.  These include MBA’s, qualified nursing degrees, teaching certificates and in-demand IT credentials.

You can continue your current employment while pursuing new knowledge and skills, at your own pace in whatever field you choose.  WGU Washington is online based, so you can study and learn according to your schedule and needs.

How is this different?  It is called competency-based education.  What is that?  It means you advance based on your skills.  As quickly as you master criteria, you move to the next level.  Tuition is much less than other options and you can achieve results as fast you progress in the given time, approximately $3500 per six months.

Every student has a mentor that they meet with weekly. Faculty assessments are “blind”.  This means every student is considered by what they have achieved, without bias.

Companies love this.  They are getting highly qualified employees with the necessary job skills, not just someone with a degree.  Please see the 2019 report to see the hiring and placement for students from WGU.  It beats all averages and takes into consideration the individual’s life experience and job history.

WGU Washington is also proud to be associated with Northwest Indian College as well.

And don’t forget Sage the Night Owl, WGU’s mascot – who stands for Wisdom.  Here he is at the Aquasox.