Jetty Island is a local favorite hang out spot in the summer for many reasons. It’s known as being one of the best kiteboarding beaches in the entire country,
has a free ferry back and forth, day camps for various age ranges, and interpretive, educational classes about our local wildlife. It is open annually
from July 5th to September 5th and there is a suggested donation per traveler; $2 per adult and $1 per child.


Jetty Island is only accessible via boat, which makes the free, half-hour ride there all the sweeter. The island is manmade, and began as a riprap
(which is a stacked, loose stone construction) jetty to provide a protected harbor and channel in the 19th century. It’s made of sediment
material from the Snohomish river, which was dredged and deposited there just for its construction. There is no plumbing or power, but there is
a floating restroom that’s timed seasonally with the opening and closing of the island.


So, what is all this kiteboarding business? It’s also known as kitesurfing, and is the sport of surfing across the water powered by a large kite. The
predictably afternoon winds make Jetty Island ideal for the practice. If it’s your first time, make sure you ask the other surfers about the restrictions,
rules and simple etiquette you can follow to be as safe and courteous as possible.


Call at least two days ahead to make reservations for your trip at 425-257-8304, M-F 9-5. Is open to City of Everett residents and groups of eight
or more, and if you fail to make your reservation, your spots will be passed out to those on standby.


The rules for beachgoers and surfers alike are:


Pets, bikes, alcohol and drugs are not permitted. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Campfires permitted ONLY in designated fire pits.
No lifeguards; swim ONLY on the west shore at your own risk. No overnight camping. And, as always, if you pack it in, pack it out.


Kiteboarders, set up on the Northern edge of the island and familiarize yourself with the zones and activity level at each. According to,
these are the zones.

ZONE 1: School launch 

Think of this area as the bunny slopes of kiteboarding.

ZONE 2: Main launch 

Directly west of the lagoon, most riders rig and launch here. On busy days this area can become congested, especially at high tide.

ZONE 3: Swimming area 

You may never rig, launch or ride in the swimming area. If an accident were to occur in this zone between kiter and beachgoer, the unfettered and free
access at Jetty Island would be compromised. Riding access is limited to a distance of 100 yards or more offshore from the active tidal line and
only from prior launch from zones 1 or 2.


Lastly, the classes for children include:


Sandblasters on Jetty Island, Ages: 6-10

Discover the plants and animals of Jetty Island as you join Jetty naturalists for a five-day, hands-on learning experience. There’ll be plenty of time
for playing in the sand and surf, too!

Ages 6-8

M-F Jul 10-14 9:45am-5pm, $169

M-F Jul 31-Aug 4 9:45am-5pm, $169

M-F Aug 21-25 9:45am-5pm, $169

Ages 7-9

M-F Jul 24-28 9:45am-5pm, $169

M-F Aug 7-11 9:45am-5pm, $169

Ages 8-10

M-F Jul 17-21 9:45am-5pm, $169