Review: Abbott’s

Passionate chefs and classy environment ensure a pleasant, fine-dining experience

Cleverly disguised from street view with its simple red brick and burgundy velvet and white curtains, Abbott’s is not a restaurant you want to miss.
It only gets better once you come inside; the warm brick extends to the interior which complements the dark, wood bar and accents throughout the
restaurant. The lights are dimmed and candles are lit to illuminate the night.

I recognized the building and its infamous reputation as the Prohibition Grill that was notably on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. The previous
owner used to belly dance for her customers to enrich their night.

This classy, new restaurant features beautiful steaks and seafood dishes made by a passionate chef, James Abbott, with over 30 years experience. The
entrees run at about $30 – $50, cocktails are about $10 – $16 and wine/beer is $8 – $15. Happy Hour is from 4:00 – 6:00pm and they stay open until
9:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

For a young and frugal couple, Abbott’s is worth every dime. My boyfriend and I both are hard workers and decent cooks, so we expect a dining experience
to really wow us if we are going to spend the time and money out. We were extremely satisfied with our dishes and felt good paying for a taste
we couldn’t recreate at home. I genuinely thought I saw a tear of joy roll down my boyfriend’s face as he took his first bite.

He had ordered the sesame ginger crusted swordfish which was very moist and tender. The fish was served with quinoa, roasted vegetables and a slice
of lemon to add that layer of depth to the dish. I ordered the Dover Sole fish special which was pan-fried with tomatoes and capers placed atop
the fish and paired with a mild risotto and roasted vegetables. Taking a bite with all three items together made my palette sing.

The overall atmosphere feels very classic, especially with the jazz playing at the perfect volume. I almost felt like I was going into a speakeasy
when I walked into this somewhat hidden treasure. The staff truly is incredible. My boyfriend and I had called ahead to make sure tables were available;
the hostess assured us that it was a very quiet night.

The hostess recognized my voice from the phone call and greeted us as if we were old friends, it made us feel very welcome. We were sat immediately
and introduced to our server, Brittany, who was sweet and helpful.

I have worked in the food industry for seven years and can be a very harsh critic when it comes to service. Brittany was superb; she didn’t stay too
long at the table or hover but was still very personable. There were times when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to order because everything on
the menu looked amazing, Brittany saw me struggling and offered some advice on her favorites and what was most popular.

The service was fast, but not rushed. Our drinks came in about five minutes and our food was delivered not long after. Furthermore, Brittany didn’t
make us feel guilty for taking our dessert home. She got us a bag for our dessert since we were walking and even asked us if we needed plastic
utensils. I find that most places just throw unnecessary, disposable utensils in without asking. It’s simple but it really demonstrates an attention
to detail.

Even after leaving the restaurant we remained impressed. Discussing our experience, we anticipated the dessert to come. Our lemon cream cake was light
and moist but still full of flavor and paired perfectly with a tart raspberry sauce.

For an easy, relaxing Thursday night, Abbott’s was the perfect host.