KRKO Radio Brings Back Legendary Mascot

The KRKO Volkswagon

As part of its centennial year celebration, KRKO Radio is bringing back an Everett icon – a legendary crocodile that became locally famous as the station’s mascot in the 1950’s. Long before the Crocodile Café arrived on Seattle’s music scene, Everett was groovin’ to the sounds of KRoKO-Dial-1380. At that time, KRKO’s rock ‘n’ roll reptile was the public face of the station’s popular music format – recognized by teenagers and parents alike. From “In the 1950’s KRKO made efforts to appeal to local teens who liked rock ‘n’ roll music like Bill Haley and His Comet’s trail-blazing hit, “Rock Around the Clock.” The station began airing some of this new music via their Top-40 format, adopted a cartoon crocodile as a mascot, hyped themselves as broadcasting in “KRoK-O-phonic sound!” on your radio’s “KRoKO Dial 1380” and even aired the antics of a talent named “Crocky.” Teammates of Crocky included popular DJ’s Duke Demiglio, Dale Good, Nat Brook, and Glenn Brooke.”

KROKO circa 1950
KROKO circa 1950

Over the years, KRKO’s mascot made numerous appearances in the station’s promotional materials, including advertisements in Everett High School’s “Nesika” yearbooks. The crocodile was even featured on a specially outfitted Volkswagen bus which proclaimed KRKO’s music as the “Sweetest Sound for Miles Around.” Today, the mascot will continue to celebrate “Greatest Hits” music, including songs from later generations. The friendly and sociable reptile, nicknamed KROKO, will return as a visible part of the Everett radio station’s branding and promotions.

“We are excited to bring back KROKO the crocodile as a fun and entertaining ambassador for Everett’s hometown radio station,” said Chuck Maylin, general manager. “He will be a lively presence at community gatherings and sporting events – especially when making appearances with fellow mascots like Lincoln and Webbly at Silvertips and AquaSox games.” Maylin also shared that KROKO will participate in local festivals and parades from time to time.

The new KROKO with a new look!

Fun Facts About KRKO’s Crocodile Mascot
Is KROKO a saltwater or freshwater crocodile?
He is both! KROKO loves frolicking along the edge of Port Gardner Bay, occasionally finding places to watch the kiteboarding action on Jetty Island or listen to live concerts at the Everett Marina. KROKO can also be found cruising through the sloughs and channels of the Snohomish River while searching for a snack.

• Where does KROKO live?

While KROKO is constantly on the move, he enjoys hunkering down at KRKO’s radio antenna transmitter site in the Snohomish River Valley. KROKO loves exploring the nearby Bob Herman wildlife park and watching skydivers plummet from planes at Harvey Airfield. Snohomish is one of his favorite weekend watering holes.

• Where did KROKO go to school?
KROKO is a proud graduate of Everett Community College. He earned a degree in biology with a special emphasis on reptiles and amphibians. Many years ago, KRKO owned and operated a radio broadcast tower near ECC, which is how the main road to campus came to be known as Tower Street. KROKO loves sharing this trivia fact with fellow alums!

What is KROKO’s favorite music?
KROKO is a big fan of the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and the Rolling Stones, but also appreciates an eclectic mix of music from the 60’s to the 90’s. His headphones are constantly streaming KRKO’s curated song playlist on his mobile app. KROKO does not subscribe to Spotify or Pandora – their music algorithms are too generic!

• What does KROKO do for fun?
While music is his main jam, KROKO is also a huge sports enthusiast! He loves chomping on snacks while watching Silvertips hockey, AquaSox baseball, and WESCO prep sports. KROKO is looking forward to firing up local fans with his pals, Lincoln and Webbly this year.

How to Listen to Everett’s Greatest Hits on KRKO:

In addition to broadcasting on the 1380AM and 95.3FM radio frequencies, KRKO’s music programming can be streamed via mobile app, which can easily be found on the Apple Store and Google Play. Listeners can also enjoy KRKO’s custom curated songs through Amazon devices simply by asking Alexa to play “Everett’s Greatest Hits KRKO”.
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