Wenberg Park, a local and favored destination, is going to be closed over the summer of 2018 for $3M in upgrades. While that’s not great news for the locals
who are dying to get out to there just as Spring weather is powering up, the upgrades will make next Spring and Summer that much better.

The boat launch is currently open until May 1st. Construction is already underway in the upland area of the park. The bulk of the purposed improvements
include “refurbishing the boatlaunch, improving vehicular and pedestrian circulation and revising the waterfront area of the park.”

The boating portion of the project includes renovating the boat launch, providing boarding floats, transient moorage floats, and supporting boating facilities. The water access portion of the project includes adding accessible parking spaces and installing new accessible pathways from the parking area to the swimming beach.

This project is needed because there are currently no ADA compliant routes to get park users to the waterfront and no designated accessible parking in
this area of the park. The planned pathways will continue onto an accessible swimming/fishing dock allowing those with disabilities and able-bodied
people clear, easy access to the lake.”

All in all, while we may need to spend a little extra time in travel and gas finding an equally viable substitute, the improvements will open up the park,
make it easier to navigate and faster to utilize the launch.

Photo and comments courtesy of wdfw website and Snohomish County Parks and Rec