Largest Regional Exercise Ever to be Held on October 11th


On October 11th, Snohomish Regional Fire plans to hold what will likely be the largest full-scale exercise ever held in the region.

A full-scale exercise means this effort will simulate a real event, including active police, fire, health care, emergency medical services and other regional agency and partner units on the road with emergency lights flashing.

This mass casualty exercise will mimic an emergency that requires coordination of many regional public safety and health care agencies. The goal of the exercise is to enhance readiness by testing police, fire, emergency medical services, health care, and others in their response and recovery from an active shooter scenario.

Providence Hospital Everett will receive somewhere between 30 and 50 patients, most arriving by emergency medical transport, but also some by air transport agencies.

Dr. Josh Corsa or Neil Broumley indicate that local citizens can participate as a ‘patient’, offering a first-hand look at how this kind of operation would unfold. If interested in participating, Dr. Corsa can be reached at 360-375-5859 or Neil Broumley at 360-789-0557.

More information about this full-scale exercise is found on the Snohomish Regional Fire website at Snohomish Fire or by contacting Samantha Drake at 360-643-5936 or Christine Heike at 360-568-2141.