In 2012, the Navy announced that they planned to move three destroyers to Everett within the decade. On Monday, November 21st, they will have
fulfilled the promise. These are homeport changes that are put into action in order for the military to maintain a “maritime force that defends and
protects the US national security interests”.

Earlier in the year, the USS Gridley and USS Samson relocated from San Diego, the same homeport as USS Kidd is arriving from. All three are Arleigh Burke-class
guided-missile destroyers, sent to the Everett Naval Station as replacements for three frigates that were decommissioned slowly over the course of
recent years.

USS Kidd’s Command Master Chief Paulette Brock is quoted as saying “The command has worked diligently to support our sailors and their families through this homeport shift while still meeting all operational requirements. It will be great to see all of our planning and hard work pay off as the Kidd team continues to ‘Keep it 100’ in our new home of Everett.”

Recently, the Navy also announced Pre-Commissioning Unit Ralph Johnson to be slated for Everett, hopefully sometime in 2017. The ship is named for Marine
Pfc. Ralph Henry Johnson, who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during the Vietnam conflict. Johnson used his body to
shield two fellow Marines from a grenade, absorbing the blast and dying instantly in March of 1968. The keel-laying ceremony was performed on September
23 of 2014, held in Pascagoula, MS.

The move of USS Kidd brings approximately 325 new families to our area. We are proud to host and have them.