Lacie Wednt and Randy Sansaver of Arlington exchanged their I Do’s bright and early on Thursday, May 26th in the studio of KXA 1520 in downtown,
overlooking the cityscape of Everett and Port Gardner Bay. The broadcasted event was the brainchild of a close mutual friend of theirs, who reached
out to KXA via their Facebook fan page, and the wedding date was chosen because it was the anniversary of their very first date. While they had initially
requested that the morning program’s host, Stitch Mitchell, perform the ceremony, the honor instead went to the Belle Chapel of Snohomish, whose officiant
led the vows online and on air with perfect execution and very good humor for the close quarters of the studio.

Their love story began in high school, although Lacie attended Arlington High and Randy attended at Lakewood. Although they shared a connection, it wasn’t
until two years later that they officially began to date. As their love took root and came to full bloom, talks of marriage and commitment naturally
arose. Rather than formally proposing, the couple simply mutually gravitated towards the idea, knowing one day the time would be right and they’d take
that step. That time came just recently. Randy had spent time working away from home and during the time apart, they decided that the time had come
to exchange their vows.

After reaching out to KXA 1520 and solidifying the details of the event, the local community rallied with champagne and wine from Wicked Cellars, a honeymoon
suite at the Inn at Port Gardner and their first dinner date as a married couple was care of Buck’s American Café, as well as several other contributions.
The studio also hosted a short and sweet surprise reception afterwards, which included their first dance, to the tune of Luckenbach Texas by Waylon
Jennings, augmented by the real life sound track of friends and family joining them with laughter.

The event was titled “Love is On The Air, The Smallest-Biggest Wedding in Snohomish County”, as a nod to the fact that although the head count for attendees
in person was very select, the Facebook Live Feed, on air broadcast, as well as the website stream made the event possible for the entire world to
watch. You can watch the video shorts from the wedding at or on
their website Their plans for the future include travel, purchasing their first home, and a honeymoon
in the Spring.