The Lynnwood Police department concluded its “Pedestian Safety” campaign, and released the hair-raising results to the public this week.

The Lynnwood Police Department handed out 185 speeding tickets during its pedestrian safety campaign in the month of September. The campaign was focused on addressing violations within school zones and in areas with active road construction.

For the highest efficiency achievable within the campaign, officers concentrated their efforts during periods of heavy traffic volumes and during commute times. Lynnwood motorcycle officers partnered with local patrol officers to conduct nearly daily enforcement in the designated areas.

Police made 268 contacts during the venture. Besides the standard speeding tickets issued, two drivers were traveling at “freeway” speeds in school zone areas, including one driver traveling at 59 mph, who was found to also be under the influence of marijuana.

Officer encountered varied violations during the campaign including no motor vehicle insurance, no operator’s license, expired registrations, unsafe passing, distracted driving and defective equipment.

“Numerous pedestrians were also contacted by police officers, who provided outreach and education related to how to improve their safety during the campaign. In addition, Lynnwood motorcycle officers met with local crossing guards, students and staff at various Lynnwood schools, and interacted with construction employees/flaggers in the road construction areas,” per the press release from LPD.