172nd St WalMart: Man Accidentally Stabbed in Leg with Used Needle

Earlier this morning on Saturday, March 10th, a man was seated in a bathroom stall on the 172nd St Arlington WalMart when a IV drug
user reportedly tossed a used syringe, ‘overshot’ his target, and sunk it into the leg of the man in the neighboring stall.

According to an anonymous source, the needle was confiscated and added to a sharps deposit by the assistant manager on staff, and the man who was allegedly
‘stuck’ was brought to Cascade Hospital in Arlington for a series of tests. He was also treated with Narco.

The user was apparently known to the staff at Walmart.

Arlington Police Department could not be reached for comment at time of posting. Walmart declined to comment directly, and referred the Everett Post to
a Media Relations number. Names have been withheld out of courtesy for the victim and his family.