From the Mayor’s Desk:

“I join with our students and community today in calling for action on gun safety here in Everett and around the country. Our youth have kept this
issue in the national conversation and are leading through their courageous example this morning.

Everett has not been spared from youth and gun violence. Last month we were deeply saddened to hear that one of our own students was allegedly planning
an attack against an Everett school. I am incredibly grateful for the suspect’s grandmother, who saw something concerning and spoke up, potentially
saving many lives. I am also grateful for the good work of our police officers, who responded quickly and decisively to protect our students, and
for our school partners, who continue to work with us and the community on these challenges.

Our young people are our most precious resource. They – like everyone in our community – deserve to be safe. They have the right to learn in a safe
environment that is free from violence, and we must all do more to protect that right.

As Mayor, I pledge to work with our City Council and with our community to take action in whatever way we can to reduce gun violence in Everett and
keep our students and young people safe.”