From the city of Everett: Everett’s own Mayor Cassie Franklin has been competing throughout the month of May with Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson for
the ‘Non-Motorized Mayor Award.’ And Cassie won! Check out the press release below.

Throughout the month of May, Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin and Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson celebrated Bike Month with a series of challenges
and a competition to bike the most total miles. National Bike Month takes place every May and is an opportunity to recognize the many benefits
of bicycle riding.

Mayors Franklin and Gregerson shared their cycling progress with community members each week through social media. It was a very close race as Mayor
Franklin ended the month with 220 miles, and Mayor Gregerson finished with 214. Both mayors received a “Non-Motorized Mayor Award” for prioritizing
biking as their mode of transportation.

“I had so much fun exploring my community by bike and meeting community members and City employees who are passionate about bicycling,” said Everett
Mayor Cassie Franklin, who attended a Bike Everywhere Day celebration on May 18 at the Everett Transit Station.

The mayors also completed a series of challenges that they encouraged the community to do as well. Each mayor rode to five different locations in their
respective cities and posted a photo of themselves completing the challenge on Facebook.

“I am very happy that Mayor Franklin and I motivated others to get on two wheels during bike month,” said Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. “I hope
it continues all summer!”

The City of Everett is happy to announce the installation of two new “Inverted-U” bike racks by the end of June: one at Everett City Hall, 2930 Wetmore
Ave., and one at the Everett Police North Precinct, 3002 Wetmore Ave. Everett Public Works staff are working collaboratively with local bike advocacy
groups to determine the preferred location at each building, while conforming to ADA and pedestrian passage requirements. The City hopes to see
more bike racks installed downtown this year.

The City of Mukilteo is seeing great progress in making the city more bike and pedestrian friendly. They recently added the first bike lanes in over
a decade to popular route, Harbour Pointe Blvd. They also look forward to the opening of the Harbour Reach Corridor in 2020, which will connect
their southernmost neighborhood with buffered bike lanes and sidewalks.

Everett Transit and Community Transit have programs for commuters looking for alternate modes of transportation. Visit or for information.