The final stages of the Water Main Replacement Project on Evergreen Way are in full swing. On March 5th and 6th, the two of three
northbound lanes of Evergreen Way between Holly Drive and Casino Road will be closed for construction paving.

The work will take place during the day and is expected to cause significant traffic delays. Drivers beware: it will be best to avoid the area altogether.

The section of Evergreen Way has been under construction since November 2018 when the City of Everett’s contractor began work on the South Evergreen
Way water main replacement project to replace turn of the century water pipe. The pipe being replaced was laid in 1933 and is made of unlined iron
which collects rust and other mineral deposits over time. Besides the quality of the water and how the deposits narrow the pipe, restricting flow,
this water main is a critical feed to South Everett. Replacing it now means that in the event of a significant earthquake, it is more likely to
remain operational.

As you’ve likely experienced, temporary road surfacing has been in place, but a permanent layer of asphalt is now due to be laid. Day one is for grinding
up the surface, and day two is allocated for laying a permanent one.

The Casino Road intersection is expected to be the most problematic to traffic in the area, especially during evening commute times.

Due to temperature constraints, the work cannot be performed at night, but morning traffic volumes aren’t expected to be significantly impacted.