Everett Parks and Recreation has combined forces with the Everett Animal Shelter, Snohomish County Animal Control, and Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital to
bring us Mutt Strut, taking place on August 13 at Langus Riverfront Park. The event kicks off with a 1.2 mile dog walk at 10:15 and features a huge
array of canine friendly activities and vendors. Dee Cordell, the Everett Animal Shelter Operations Coordinator was quoted in the city’s press release
as saying, “This event has it all, a walk along the Snohomish River, vendors selling cool pet stuff you can’t find in the big box stores, crazy competitions
for your dog and pet adoptions. There really is something for every canine.”

Rover Races begin at 11:00 am and as races tend to be, are all about speed. The dogs are divided by size and breed into five categories to keep
things fair. Pet Showcase competitions start off at 12:30, and cover harder hitting subjects, such as best two-legged walk, fastest to obey ‘sit’ command,
and if you’re feeling crafty, how long can a six foot leash constructed entirely of toilet paper hold out? This is a short list among many of the fun

Addressing a more serious issue, free microchipping for Snohomish County Residents is available, for both dogs and cats. The chip is a glass bead, about
the size of a grain of rice, and contains a radio transmitter, antennae, and a ten digit code, which can be read by a scanner, that will produce your
contact information; it doesn’t operate with any kind of GPS capacity.

According to a study published by the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, 1 in 3 pets will be lost at some point in their lives, and while
the rate for dogs to be reunited in shelters with their owners is only 22%, that rate rises substantially to 52% when chipped. For cats, the rate is
an abysmal less than 2%, compared to 38% when microchipped.

Once you’re on site, be sure to ask about the risks versus rewards of implanting a chip, and consider your lifestyle with your pet as well. If you live
in a rural area and your dog roams off-leash far and wide, it’s a high risk behavior to hope it just comes back. If your dog has a tendency to ‘bolt’
should also be considered. If your dog has to be coaxed off of the sofa with CheezDoodles and Beggin’ Strips to even step outside, and you obey leash
laws consistently, you’re at a much lower risk of losing your pet. Chips also carry the risk of an autoimmune reaction (their body can reject it, or
a tumor can result at the injection/placement site) so be sure to ask lots of questions before committing to this personal choice.

Residents can also have their pet evaluated (it takes about twenty minutes) for Canine Good Citizen. Provided that your dog passes, you’ll be issued a
certificate and a ribbon for Fido’s good manners.

Attendance is free, just like the microchipping. If you’re up for the challenge, sign up for the Rockin’ Paw 5k Walk-a-Run that begins at nine AM. The
cost is $35 or $20, depending on if you pick up a tee-shirt. Proceeds go to support the Animal Rescue Fund.


9am                     Rockin’ Paw
5K Walk ‘A’ Run presented by ARF

9am-11am          Register for Rover Run Racing Competitions

9am-noon           Register for Pet Showcase Competitions

10:15am             Community Dog Walk

10am-noon         Free dog and cat microchipping*

10am-2pm         Vendor displays and pet adoptions

10am-2pm          Canine Good Citizenship evaluations*

11am                   Rover Run Racing Competitions

12:30pm             Pet Showcase Competitions

*For Snohomish County residents only


Rover Run Racing Competitions

Big Dog Derby

Dachshund Dash

Pug Chug

Tea Cup Trot

Pet Showcase Competitions

Toilet Paper Leash Obstacle Course

Best Two-legged Walk

Fastest Disappearing Pupacchino


Most Barks in 20 Seconds

Musical Sit

Hurdle Jump

Most Tricks in 45 Seconds

Best Dressed Dog