This weekend the DEA and its partners will be hosting what was has traditionally been a wildly successful and popular venture. On April 28th,
between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, the public can dispose of unused or unwanted prescriptions at any of the 182 collection sites in our region. These disposal
sites will be operated by 153 different local law enforcement agencies and community partners.

From the Drug Enforcement Agency press release:

“This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion,
misuse and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due
to these drugs. DEA launched its prescription drug take back program when both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration
advised the public that flushing these drugs down the toilet or throwing them in the trash posed potential safety and health hazards.

When the results of the 14 DEA Take Back Days for the PNW are combined, DEA and its state, local, and tribal law-enforcement and community partners
removed 402,928 pounds (201.4 tons) of medication from circulation. Since the program began eight years ago, over 9 million pounds – more than
4,500 tons of prescription medications have been collected nationwide.

The public can find a nearby collection site by visiting or by calling 800-882-9539.
Only pills and other solids, like patches, can be brought to the collection sites—liquids and needles or other sharps will not be accepted.

The service is free and anonymous.”



Content courtesy of DEA Press Release 4.25.18. Image from