“Do. More. Good.” ~Alix Frazier 

PawsWithCause has been operating in various forms as part of our community for three years now and are they are excited to put on the PawsWithCause Charity Benefit for Shelter Animals. Both the brainchild and labor of love of Alix Frazier, PawsWithCause has a model centered around seniors painting adoptable shelter animals, with various offshoots into other venues and potential artist pools.

We introduced you to Alix and her army of volunteers keeping the effort afloat in mid-August with this article. Click through for relevant information on the history of PWC, a little about Alix, and a lot of background on how a dream and a lot of grit can coalesce into something special on our very own front porch. Continue reading here to learn about a fun, new way to join the cause of uniting adoptable shelter animals with members of our community.

PawsWithCause is hosting a charity benefit for shelter animals this November 9th at the Snohomish County Music Hall, located within the Everett Mall. (For those of you old enough to remember the relevance of Aquanet, you may recognize this as the original movie theater inside of the Everett Mall. Prior to recent rebranding, you may also know this as the Northwest Music Hall.)

The hall is currently managed by the Snohomish County Music Project, a local non-profit that “engages a network of passionate musician and community members to promote artistic citizenship within our community.”

While all details haven’t been finalized just yet, the nuts and bolts of it (the stuff that makes it fun) has been; there will be adoptable kitties, puppies, beer and wine, and tons of live, local music. The fundraiser concert will include several local acts, including SOVA, the Sean Keck Project, The Inclusion Jam Project, The Deep V’s, Patrick Santerre  with DJs VitaMan B, Quintanamus and Kid Riff Rock.

The light show, paired with live music, is put on by Donovan Rosling, with accompanying sound quality you’ve come to expect from well-known Sonic Bandit. (Fun fact, it was actually Sean of the Sean Keck project who brought the idea of the benefit to PawsWithCause and has “been instrumental in it coming together […] He’s a hero,” shares Frazier.)

The doors open at 5pm on the 9th and will remain open until 11. One of the three theaters hosting the event will focus on the live bands which will be accompanied by a light show, while one will exclusively have the 21+ show with wine, beer and spritzers from Shawn O’Donnell’s. Cash or card is accepted.

And of course, the adoptable animals will be on prominent display. Out of concern for their more delicate senses, the cats and dogs will be out of the theaters themselves and kept just outside. This will also give you a better chance at bonding with one (or two, why not?) of these potential furbabies without the clutter of a big crowd at your back.

PawsWithCause adopted a wristband policy for their inaugural event, so you can pop down the hall for a quick bite if needed. While food isn’t being supplied within the venue itself, you’re more than welcome to take a break from the adorable animals and local talent to stroll down to the food court or out to Famous Dave’s to fortify your puppy-cuddling abilities. Research clearly shows* cats are more likely to form a lifetime bond with you immediately if you carry takeout boxes full of brisket and cornbread. (No pulled pork for the animals, please, no matter what kind of cute faces they make at you.)

Tickets are only $15 in advance and can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets. Be sure to follow the Paws with Cause Facebook page for regular updates, especially as the last of the details are narrowed down. Options to pay cash at the door, or cash in conjunction with a food donation, will be clarified shortly. Check back for regular updates here or at the PawsWithCause Facebook page.

1. Patrick Santerre 5-5:45

2. The Inclusion Jam Project 6-7

3. The Deep V’s 7:15-8:15

4. The Sean Keck Project 8:30-9:35

5. SOVA 9:50-11:00

DJs~ (10 min. crossover)

1. Kid Riff Rock 5-6:55

2. VitaMan B 7:05-8:55

3. Quintanamus 9:05-11:00

To learn more about joining as a volunteer for this or future events, click here.
Images courtesy of Alix Frazier

* This is entirely made up nonsense, but seems plausible.

** Updated to include schedule, and additional hyperlinks to band sites 10/21/19